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Nueva Cadiz Beach, Nueva Cadiz, Nueva Esparta, 6301, Venezuela

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From Coche Beach (Playa la Punta) of the island of Coche - you can enjpy this boat tour with Elis for a visit to the island of Cubagua + the ruins of the old town of Nueva Cadiz. Elis has a typical fisherman boat but with a rather aerodynamic design he navigates very well with two engines and a crew of 4 young pearl divers.
Arriving to the island of Cubagua in front of the old city help you to do a snorkeling showing All the diversity of marine life there is even a young man with a water camera that takes photos throughout the walk, and then delivers the photos on CD. Departing from the snorkeling, we arrive at the beach of the city the first city founded by the Spaniards on the new continent.
A walk along this coast gives us the sensation of how it was back then in the old times of survival but with plenty of seafood good weather and discovering the unknown.
Hereafter we move to the other side of the island, where the red and white lighthouse welcomes us, in this bay are some fishing houses, a well of clay in which is customary to make a mask in all The body, taking into account that stain the cloth of the bathing suit, so it is advisable not to carry a beloved piece. With the clay body mask is made a pleasant walk along the beach and the upper part trying some pitiguey fruit of the captus, while the mask is dry, the landscape is a contrast of colors between blue sea and orange colors of the island Which is a mixture between clay and ground shells that formed the sand. To eat, the young crew has carried a sea turtle, among scallops, shell margarita, shrimp, crabs and oysters perleras lucky that the oyster has entered a grain of sand and has formed a pearl, this oyster It is very fleshy, soft and cream colored; Unlike the mangrove oyster that is grayish.
The Islands of Coche and Cubagua are the true islands of the pearls, it is not Margarita!. An ecosystem that led the Spaniards to simply establish a city in the center of this abundance of seafood, and pearls -today despite the persistence of man as the main predator, abundance is impressive, we can only imagen how it was 500 years ago....

Tour types

Yacht 8+ berth

Tour activities & itinerary

Snorkeling - + lots of real seafood - excursion to the old city of Nueva Cadiz - Clay therapy+ - navigation.

Information + History:

Nueva Cadiz was the first city in the new world (America) and is located on the Island of Cubagua (Venezuela). It was established in 1500 by the Italian sailor in the service of Carlos V Giacomo Castiglione (Hispanicized as Santiago Castellón) as a temporary camp for the exploitation of the pearl fisheries. Fray Bartolomé de las Casas wrote that, in 1500, only two years after his sighting, there were already 50 adventurers in Cubagua who were eagerly searching for the precious mother-of-pearl gems used by the natives in their personal ornament. After the great indigenous insurrection of 1520, that caused the abandonment of the island, this one returned to take care of and in 1526 was elevated to the category of Villa with the denomination "Villa de Santiago de Cubagua", although apparently never used this title . Finally, 13 of September of 1528 by means of a real cedula promulgated by the emperor Carlos V, it was granted the rank of city, it was endowed with coat of arms and its name was changed to him of "New Cadiz". This site is the first town founded by the Spaniards in South America, and as city, is considered the first city of America.

In its heyday, the income received by Spain from the pearl fishery was matched in monetary value to that supplied by gold from Peru. At that time, Nueva Cadiz not only had a large population of Spaniards and Indians - the latter, forced to work as divers in the collection of pearls - but also of black slaves brought from the African "factories". Nueva Cádiz was also the object of pirate attacks such as those of Diego Ingenios and Jacques de Sores, who besieged the village and came to capture their governor, Francisco Velázquez.

But various natural calamities such as the possible earthquake and followed by a hurricane in 1541, the destruction of the ostrals, the discovery of ostrales in the Guajira and the gradual death of the exploited natives (due to the inhuman conditions of extraction in pearls) , Contributed to the fact that the city and the island were abandoned in their entirety by the Spaniards, although there are records indicating that the island was populated for some time. Some catastrophic accounts would ensure that half the island sank due to an earthquake, followed by a tsunami, so it is possible that a part of this city is submerged in the Caribbean Sea. Such theses have not been totally discarded by historians, since underwater searches have not been conclusive on the spot.


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At 08:00 in the morning - return at 14:00 hours

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Only by boat


Coche Airport


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Policies & disclaimers

This tour is All Inclusive, and only by boat from Coche Island

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Nueva Cadiz Average Rating: 9.0 - Total Votes: 1

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This reviewer told us :

The Villa of Santiago de Cubagua is still there - well worth a visit


A forgotten place - lots of marine life




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